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10 Life Lessons You Can Learn from Squid Game

110 million times. Yes, this is the time Squid Game was watched on Netflix. I'm not even sure how many times on other platforms!

A month ago, a colleague bores me , because if I watched "Game of Squid"? I hadn't heard of it at the time. But I disapproved of my colleague's choice, and decided to continue to do . The first episode was impressive, and I think it will be another parasite, but a longer version. But it ended up being a hybrid of Parasite, The Hunger Games, and Player One! But it was intense. It's sinister!

I couldn’t stop between episodes and watched the entire series within a day of crazy watching. The more I think about this show, the more I realize the lessons embedded throughout the series. How this series is made, it is similar to our society, and it makes me want more, which surprised me.

The whole season reflected our society in a weird and cruel way. I think about every scene that reflects my own life in some way, and I can't help but imagine how many hidden lessons this series has. There may be 100 lessons in the series.

I want to highlight the first 10 life lessons I learned from Squid Game:

1. Money isn’t all things in Life. your Purpose in life Matters:

Do You Know What Someone With No Money Has In Common With Someone With Too Much Money? Living Is No Fun For Them.


Do you remember the last scene in the series? Gi-hun decided to meet his daughter. Until then, his purpose was to reunite with his daughter. But something shocking happened. Gi hun witnessed hundreds of deaths before his eyes. During the game, he witnessed the unfair treatment of hundreds of his comrades. Just as he was about to board the plane, he remembered his purpose, which was to end the game. (Or I think so!) Some of my friends don't think so, and Gi Hun will be the commander of the season 2 game! ! It feels that his purpose is to end the squid game! For this mission, he is prepared to sacrifice his desire to reunite with his daughter. 

2. Luck Matters. Good Luck vs Bad Luck

It doesn’t matter how tough you are, you are not going to win on your own.


Jang Deok-Su. Villain, gangster. Everyone is afraid of him.

But I think he is also very lucky. Do you remember the game of marbles? He is not the best player. But with some luck, he did win and temporarily survived.

The same is true in life, as long as you are slightly prepared, you will feel lucky. Luck is opportunity meets preparation. T

he most touching incident in Squid Game is that Ali was deceived by Choo Sang-woo! Ali trusts Choo's marbles. And finally paid the price of life.

3. Trust but Verify:

We’ve already come to far to end this now.


I remember people trusting them based on what they told me. I blindly believe in people's talents, talk and charm. Once, I invested in a startup company and just watched them attend an event without doing a lot of due diligence. And finally paid the price.

We only learned about the control system at the end of the season. Il Nam is an insider who has prior knowledge and information about the game.

4. The System is Rigged:

What could we all do to finally have some fun?


We only learned about the control system at the end of the season. Il Nam is an insider who has prior knowledge and information about the game. I believe that we often meet people who have made great achievements in life, and sometimes we want to know how to do this! In most cases, they are insiders or someone is an insider who is playing the game. Sometimes this is a competitive advantage, sometimes it is pure cheating. How do you manage your life in all the headwinds you face?

5. Smart Work vs Hard Work:

I’m not a genius, but I still got it where it counts.

life lessons

This is perhaps the best lesson I learned while watching the squid game. In a game where you should cut the candy (Dalgona) into exactly the right way, Gi Hun manages to work smartly and inspire others to do the same. This is by far the best example of the smart work that has helped myself and other participants.

On the other hand, people who were immersed in their hard work did not survive the game. You can learn a lot from it.

In your work: 

  • How smart are you? 
  • How often do you come up with a solution? 
  • How often do you provide creative help? 
  • How do you come up with an idea to solve the problem at hand?

 6. Opportunity Knocks Again and Again:

In the first two episodes, we saw players decide to quit the game through mutual voting. Most of the participants decided to quit the game. But they were lost in life again. Then this opportunity struck the hearts of all of them again. Now, they know exactly their odds of survival, and there is only one winner in the game.

This is an extreme example of real life, our lives may not be so terrible. When you fall asleep and feel that everything has been lost, a new window of opportunity may open. You will have to climb over it.

In 2014, I lost my job and felt that everything in my life was lost. I fell into a mild depression. I thought that was the case, and I was preparing to pack my bags and return to my country. However, opportunity knocked on my door. Not the one I want. But an opportunity. I accepted the challenge.

7. Be Kind:

I just wanted to return the favor.


This is the most important lesson I have learned. There are many well-meaning scenes in the series. Gi Hun provides Il Nam with his company in the game The team accepts the 10th person on the team Kindness is not charity. 

Kindness is an attitude of acceptance. In your life, you have many opportunities to be a kind person. Even if they cause you inconvenience, accept them. Help each other.

8. Love Comes from the Unlikeliest of Places:

Hey, old man. Want to do this together?
Love can happen between brothers, sisters, siblings, parents, strangers, lovers, and friends. In the game, we see the love between strangers. 

Ki Hoon showed his love for many characters in the game and is very pragmatic. Starting from his mother, to Yinan, and then to Jiang Shibing. At the end of the game, he loved Zhao Xiangyu even though he tried to deceive him. 

Zhiying loved Jiang Shibing and sacrificed her life. She is not necessary. Love can come from the most impossible place. The only condition is that you must accept this love with open arms and an open mind.

9. Be Patient:

Good rain knows the best time to fall.


We live in this moment time. 

  • Instant life
  • Instant work
  • Instant Adrenalin
  • Instant meeting
  • Instant news
  • Instant promotion
  • Instant everything

We have all the rights to live these. however the real result of your success is patience. In the era of instant moment , having a low time preference is a competitive advantage.

If you seek immediate solutions, you may give up the actual meaning of achievements. I want the latest gadgets, I want to succeed quickly, and I want to get rich quickly.

GU HUN taught us that patience is a virtue. As a true leader, he believes that giving others opportunities is the right approach. This saved his life until the end. He is very patient, and he is willing to sacrifice short-term verification. We have a lot to learn from him.

10. If You Want to Win, Listen!

Dad, you’re free to get in fights. Just don’t get beaten up.
Gi-hun’s daughter

In survival mode, you tend to make tough decisions. In the opening game of "Red Light and Green Light", this skill means the difference between life and death. Listening is not only through your ears, but also in the depths of your soul.

Will you listen to your instincts? 
Do you listen to your heart? 
Do you listen to nature? 

All these factors affect your chances of winning. If you are an entrepreneur, you will listen to your competitors. 
Will you listen to upcoming technologies that may give you a market advantage? 

In a relationship, will you listen to your partner without speaking? 
Can you hear their innermost voice? 

Perhaps the most important skill you can develop is listening to the signs of time and preparing for the coming future.

Image sources : Google & Pixabay

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