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4 best ways for students to make money from the internet

Make money from the internet 

There are many different options to support yourself during your studies. The amount of money you can earn depends on your skills, how long you can invest, and sometimes also on your country/region. But here are some good suggestions:

Online surveys

Some people offer payment after completing a certain number of surveys. Sometimes you can get vouchers and gift cards as rewards for your efforts. For example, Toluna, Swagbucks, and Option Outpost. Remember to always read the terms and conditions!

Get paid for learning materials 

This is a low effort-high return solution. For example, StuDocu will reward you for every handout, summary or another type of learning resource you have created over the years! If you don't have one, by recommending your friends, you can earn $1 for each document they upload!


Freelance is a great way to get paid and build a portfolio. If you speak multiple languages, edit pictures, write copy, or have other skills, you should try Fiver or Upwork.

Become a tutor


Admittedly, this takes a lot of time, but if you have a two-hour course with two students every week, you can charge $10-15 for each course. This is an additional $40-60 per month!

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