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Your Key To Success: Be Passionate, Be Optimistic, Be Grateful

For all people who want to discover and live their passions

Being passionate requires dedication, hard work, focus, and the willingness to fail over and over again. However, if you're ready to put in the work, then being a passionate person who knows what he wants can bring excitement, joy, and a sense of true purpose to your life.

If you want to be passionate, then you have to know what you want and be willing to work hard to go after it, even if it means making more than a few sacrifices along the way.

If you want to really be passionate, then you have to be determined to learn everything there is to know about your passion and to continue to gain knowledge and know that there is always more to learn. Read all of the books, articles, and material that you can, take classes, read interviews, and do whatever you can to really feel like you have an understanding of what it means to succeed in your passion

If you want to really be passionate, then you have to have a plan. Though you may think of passion as this crazy, wild, unbridled thing that can’t be curbed, if you’re really serious about carrying it through, then you should have a plan for how to succeed in realizing your dreams and furthering your passion. Create a series of little goals that lead up to a larger goal so you feel motivated to succeed along the way.

If you really want to succeed at your passion, then you should have a routine that helps you do that. Of course, they say that passionate people wake up early, but many night owls do their best work in the evenings, so this may not apply to you. Find a routine that makes it possible for you to pursue your passion and to make the most of your time and abilities, and stick to it

If you really love and care about something, then you can’t just keep it to yourself. If you recognize injustice in the world, then you should make an effort to stand up against it, and to let the world at large see why this cause is important. Whether this means protesting, picketing a business you don’t agree with, respectfully telling your boss why a new company policy is not environmentally friendly, or boycotting something you don’t agree with, it’s important to stand up for what you’re passionate about if you really want to see it through.

If you really care about something, then it’s likely that you won’t be able to stop talking about it. Though you don’t want to be the person who only talks about the thing he loves most in the world, you also want to be able to share how much you love your passion with the people around you. Whether you’re an English teacher who loves literature or a doctor who really cares about your patients, there’s no shame in letting your passion shine through or in telling other people you know about how much you love what you do.

If you really care about your passion, then you won’t let a few—or a few hundred—rejections stop you from doing what you really care about. People who truly care about their passions know that rejection is just part of the game and they learn to push past it and to continue to do what they love. If you expect to succeed after the first few tries, then you’ll have a hard time really making the most of your passion.

If you really want to be passionate, then you have to be the kind of person who gets excited about whatever he or she is doing. Don’t be embarrassed to talk about how much you love whatever it is you’re doing, to get all misty-eyed, to look forward to what lies ahead, and just to own whatever it is you’re doing. If you’re really passionate, then you have to get excited about what you’re more than the average person.

Trust your instincts.  It's the Universe inspiring you.

Passionate people tend to have an optimistic nature and believe that they can do whatever they want if they work hard enough. Though you will have setbacks, it’s important not to let them get you down and to focus on all of the good things you have to look forward to. Avoid whining or complaining too much and focus on talking about the things you’re excited about instead. Try to have a smile on your face, radiate positive energy, and focus on your achievements instead of your setbacks.

If you catch yourself making a particularly negative comment, then try to counter it with at least two positive ones. Surely there must be something you can be happy about!

Spending time with other positive people can help you be more positive in your own life. If everyone around you is a Negative Nancy, then yeah, you’re much more likely to be down about everything.

Make a gratitude list by writing down all of the things you are thankful for. This can help you see all of the things you have to be happy about.

Learn to find a balance in your life

Though it’s important to make sacrifices if you really want to pursue your passion, you also have to be able to find a healthy balance that lets you live your life without too much stress or heartache. If you’re serious about following your passion but have other obligations, such as to your job, your friends, your family, or your health, then you have to find a way to make time for your passion without completely giving up all of the other things that do matter to you.

It may help to make a schedule to let yourself have time to both pursue your passion and make time for your family and other important things in your life. This can help you transition between activities a bit more smoothly.

Of course, you can give everything else up and devote all of your time to your passion. But chances are that you’ll need a bit of a break or a change in scenery from time to time, or you may feel completely drained and exhausted when it comes to doing what you care about most.

Live in the present as much as you can.

  • If you really want to be passionate, then one thing you have to work on is living in the present moment and enjoying what you’re doing. Though it’s likely you have plenty of goals and a vision of the future that you want to have, if you really want to be passionate, then you have to work on giving in to the moment and really enjoying all of the efforts you’re putting into your passion right when you’re working on it.
  • For example, if you’re working on a novel, your main goal may be to get it ready to send to an agent, who will hopefully sign you, and then try to take it to the publishers when it’s ready. However, if you spend too much time stressing over the next steps, you may not be able to enjoy how much you love writing at the moment.
  • Plus, if you’re too worked up about the future while you’re pursuing your passion, you won’t be able to do as good of a job as you would do on it if you gave it your all at the moment.

Be proud of yourself for caring.

  • At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you’re really proud of the work that you do, whether you’re an Oscar-winning actress or someone who works her butt off to show up to every casting call. Most people out there don’t really have anything that they’re passionate about and you’ve gone the distance with caring about something that means the world to you, whether it’s a cause, an art form, or something else that gives your life meaning.
  • Trying is more than half the battle. Even if you may not be the best-selling writer, President, or top activist that you want to be, you should be proud of yourself for continuing to put yourself out there no matter what. Most people quit after failing a few times, and you’ve made it clear that you’re determined not to let anyone stand in your way.

What does it mean to be a passionate person?

Generally it refers to someone who has intense feelings on some topic, whether it is devotion to an ideology or to some cultural passion, like Impressionist painting or hip-hop. The passionate person is often one who tries to convince others that their preferred topic is worthy of everyone else's attention.Your passion can be anything that simultaneously challenges you, intrigues you and motivates you. Contrary to the idea that doing what you love makes work effortless, a passion puts you to work. It's what you're willing to sacrifice lesser leisure and pleasures for life.

Things That Truly Passionate People Do Differently

Being passionate is important in life, but it also can be difficult to deal with. Just like with all good things, too much of it can be damaging. However, passionate people, overall, do live happier and better lives than the average individual.

Passions give us purpose, but more than that, they make us feel that we have a purpose in our lives. Being passionate isn’t just about knowing – it’s also about feeling. That’s what makes passions so important; they make us feel that we’re on the right path in life and give us hope for a happy and exciting future.

Passionate people lead significantly different lives from their less-than-enthusiastic counterparts. Here are 10 things that passionate people do differently and the good and bad that come of it.

Start their days early.

It’s not that passionate people don’t enjoy sleeping – they do. It’s just that once they’re up, they get excited about the work ahead of them. Even if the particular project or tasks they will be working on may not excite them, their future aspirations and the passion they have for what they do drive them to get out of bed rather quickly. Passionate people are all about doing and you can’t do much if you spend half the day sleeping.

Always have their passions on their mind.

They’re basically obsessed – hopefully in a healthy manner. Healthy passions are healthy obsessions. You can’t keep your mind from returning to the topic and can’t help but get excited by those thoughts. Passionate people live in a world in which the few things that matter to them in life basically involve the passions they love.

Get excited more than the average person.

Passionate individuals may not always feel excited – no one is excited all the time – but when they get excited, they get excited more fully, for a longer duration, and, overall, more frequently.

It’s because they have more in their lives to get excited about. They devote their time to usually one or two things and therefore make more progress than those who split their time amongst many things. The momentum keeps them excited.

Get pissed off and emotionally more than the average person.

Just as the passionate get excited, they also can come off as very moody. They go from happy and excited to pissed off and miserable. Because they are passionate, they are much more emotionally connected to whatever it is they are doing – so when things go well, the world is a beautiful place, but when things go awry, sh*t gets real very quickly.

Willing to risk more and put more on the line.

If you’re passionate, you have a clear understanding of what your purpose in life is – if only your purpose for that very moment. For this reason, you give much less importance to other things. Therefore you’re willing to risk more for the thing(s) that you find most important, that you are most passionate about. Those that are passionate are much more willing to give up things that don’t fall in their scope of passion.

Devote their lives to their dreams.

Life is filled with things worth doing and things not worth doing. That which we are most passionate about is what we believe to be worthwhile, everything else seems to be wasteful and lacking. Passionate individuals gradually gravitate towards their passions and away from the rest that life has to offer. They know what will make them happy and are willing to ignore the rest.

Surround themselves with their work.

People say that it isn’t good to bring work home. However, for the most passionate, work is home. It’s not possible for these individuals not to bring their work home because their work is in them and reflects in everything they have and do. But it doesn’t feel like work to them. It feels like life.

Can’t help but talk about their projects.

They know that you probably don’t want to hear about it because you hear about it all the time, but they don’t really want to talk about much else. And even if they do, their conversations almost always steer back to their passions. They can’t help it because they don’t see their passions as separate from themselves; they are their passions.

Tend to either be pushing ahead full throttle or are completely still.

Passionate people aren’t always the best at balancing their lives. They get overly excited and push themselves to their limits. They love working and love moving forward quickly. But they eventually do run out of steam and crash. Only seasoned and wise passionate individuals have learned to balance havoc and calm healthily.

Always think positively about the future.

Their minds are always looking ahead, looking at what can be instead of what is. This has its good sides and bad, but nevertheless, they are always thinking about their next move.

The one great outcome is that they always have something to look forward to and are excited to make it happen. As long as they remember to hang around in the present from time to time, they don’t run into too much trouble.

Eight ways to find the true passion in life that has eluded you...If you feel lost or unfulfilled, these exercises could help you work out what you should be doing with your life

"Follow your passion" has become a well-worn phrase. But what happens if you don't know what your passion is?
This isn't just an issue for those beginning their careers, it can be a problem for those stuck in jobs that they don't enjoy.
It's all too easy to fall into a routine that leaves you bored or unfulfilled: you want to make the switch but you're not sure what to.

These eight exercises could help you find your true passion in life.

Ask yourself these three simple questions

Finding your passion could be easier than you think. By answering these questions honestly, you could work out what to do with the rest of your life.

"What subject could I read 500 books about without getting bored?"

"What could I do for five years straight without getting paid?"

"What would I spend my time doing if I had complete financial abundance to do anything?"

Don't presume that your passion should be your job

Hunter S. Thompson, the gonzo journalist, and novelist, once said: "Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing."

"There are a lot of things worth doing that will never bring you money," writes Heather Ennis on question-and-answer site Quora. "You don't have to be great at something to be passionate about it.

"If you can't imagine not doing something, it's a passion. It doesn't have to be a moneymaker. Make your money some way that will give you the time for what you really love to do."

Work out what you hate doing

List the jobs or tasks that you absolutely loathe. Once you have eliminated these options, your true passion may become more clear. Create a list of the people you are jealous of to get more clarity on the issue.

"Ask this question: who do I envy the most due to the work they do?" he says. "List multiple individuals, then look at the work they do, and try those things. You might find your passion from that list."

Find the things you are mediocre at

Even if they don't possess exceptional skills at any one thing, most people have lots of specialisms that they are "okay" at.

According to Oliver Emberton, founder of software start-up Silktide, if you fuse your mediocre skills together, you'll find your passion.

"Say you’re an average artist, with a decent sense of humor," he explains. "You won’t have much hope with an art degree, and you can’t study ‘humor’ as a subject. But you could be an awesome cartoonist.

"Or take an average business student, with some programming ability, and decent sales skills. That person is surprisingly well suited to become the boss of others who were better than them in any one of those areas."

Ember ton argues that the most successful people, the ones that are most passionate about their work, are rarely defined by a single skill.

"They are a fusion of skills, often not even exceptional skills, but they’ve made their fusion exceptional," he says.

"Steve Jobs was not the world’s greatest engineer, salesperson, designer, or businessman. But he was uniquely good enough at all of these things, and wove them together into something far greater."

I strongly believe that “A strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something great has formed in you; that causes you to act in a passionate way, and you will achieve it soon since your passion is the key to your success..”

Surround yourself with: 

" The inspired " 

" The passionate " 

" The motivated " 

" The grateful" 

" The open-minded " 

" The honest" 

" The loyal "