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How Leaders can get workers back to the office

Leaders need to create spaces to succeed in getting workers back to the office

workers back to office

To get employees to return to the office, leaders need to create space for success Work is no longer a dedicated place. This is where people perform their best. As the pandemic proves, this can happen anywhere: home, office, on the road, and countless places in between. Research shows that nearly 70% of employees believe they are more focused and efficient when working from home. More than 90% of people want to continue to do this, at least part of the time. Rather than force working in the office instead of working remotely, it is better to give employees the freedom and trust that they can choose where and how to work based on the results they need to achieve.


One of the most positive results of the pandemic mandatory remote work experiment is that it creates a level playing field. In a virtual meeting, everyone has their own box on the screen and has an equal voice. This is better than most employees crowded around the conference table in the past few days to have sidebar conversations, have lunch together, and make remote workers feel distracted. Isolate and go out more inclusively. 

Employees can also get the same access to information and opportunities to contribute through their digital workspace. But with the reopening of offices, it is possible to create a culture of the rich and the poor and erode these gains. A recent survey showed that 38% of knowledge workers believe that remote employees will be at a disadvantage if they do not work in a central office. To prevent this from happening, focus on creating the experience of working anytime, anywhere, and provide employees with the space and tools they need to succeed, no matter where they are.


The physical office will not disappear. But they need to be overhauled. Employees will come to the office for different reasons than in the past. After nearly two years of isolation, many people are eager to meet face-to-face with colleagues, customers and partners. Others just want to get rid of the distractions of working from home. With this in mind, the space was redesigned to include open collaboration areas and quiet areas where individuals can concentrate. Technology-equipped conference rooms can connect remote participants as if they were there.


You can no longer view work based on time spent in the office and visibility to others. Managers need to believe that employees can work where they are most effective and evaluate them based on their performance results. Many people think that working from home means doing laundry and watching Netflix between meetings. But according to research, 72% of employees said that they spend the same or longer time at home as they work in the office, and because they do not have to commute and quarrel with talkative colleagues when they arrive at the office, they're more efficient and engaged.


The work experience and employee expectations have forever changed and will continue to evolve as the company develops in mixed work. Few people will do it right the first time. Even the second or third. However, those who maintain an open mind and give employees the flexibility to match their work environment with the results they need to deliver can create an open and inclusive environment where everyone can succeed.

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