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How you can earn your first 1000$ from Blogging

Can I earn my first $1K of blogging? If yes, then how?


it’s possible to earn 1000 of dollars from blogging but you have to do a lot of work so If You are giving consistent effort to the blog then You will succeed because blogging is a not short-term goal that why I advise you to not to go quickly to not to get disappointed or frustrated.

The primordial question is will Google trust your blog in a short period of time?

Blogging seo

but You are aware of all those things other people are doing blogging and earn thousands of dollars from AdSense and affiliate marketing?

For blogging, You need to know all those things that have important things to do in blogging all keep a few things in mind if really want to earn money from the blog.

  1. the niche you choose should be one that is very common and in demand
  2. Your SEO game should be very very accurate , keyword research -In blogging, You need to know about keyword research. Which types of content people are searching for it what is monthly search volume and what are SEO difficulties for ranking in the search result. 
  3. Ever You aware of blogging niches if not no worry about niches means when You do keyword research then You know which type of content people are looking for it which type of content search volume is huge but SEO difficulties are medium then You have to list out all those niches and check You eligibility which about You write very well
  4. invest in courses from people who master blogging in this concern, you might spend some money and a lot of time per course to learn more about blogging.
  5. Learn about Earning Resources like Adsense, or be be promoting high-end affiliate links on your blog
  6. the structure of your posts should be similar to those ranking on page one of Google in your niche
  7. Your website should be SEO friendly
  8. You need to build strong backlinks from prominent websites depending on your niche. ( this is not very easy and takes time and patience)
  9. You need the best advertising agency on your blog. eg. Mediavine
  10. You need to be making and selling courses or products on your blog
  11. You need to be promoting high-end affiliate links on your blog.

it’s all basic things of blogging You need training and internship program for advanced level of blogging

Of course, You will earn thousands of dollars if you spend time for your blog and never thoughts about what people saying about Your blog only do Your best.

Why is affiliate marketing not working for most people?

money blogging

  1. Basics of Affiliate Marketing are not well understood by gaining knowledge from the reputed institute/academy.

  2. It requires consistent efforts and practice makes things work.

  3. Many people start working thinking it's quick rich type, but it's not and it is a technically backed business while doing affiliate marketing.

  4. Value to be provided before promoting any affiliate products or any links shall be shared only upon request/consent, but people get blocked from various platforms because they do spam.

  5. There is a systematic way of doing this affiliate marketing business and one needs to be trained in an emerging industry.

These were some unique ideas I thought I shared with you to earn your fisrt 1000$. Now it’s your turn to enlighten the world with your awesome ideas.

Best Luck

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