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successway is a way to success

Who made the rules that we live our lives by?

There is no timeline !!

your successway

Who decided that we graduate in this number of years, we get married at this time in life and to whom, we must have a certain job, live in a certain house, drive a specific car, all to be considered "successful.

The secret to a happy, successful life has nothing to do with following a timeline that society (whoever they are!) decided should be so, but truly depends on the relationship you have with yourself.

Loving, trusting, and accepting who you are completely and caring deeply for yourself and what you want is the key to fulfillment in life.

So start late. Stop and begin again all day long. Be curious and embrace the unknown. Fall down and get back up many times. Use the teachings from every experience you have to become the greatest version of you ever! This will be your success.

Do not underestimate yourself


You are capable of more than you can ever imagine. When life presses in on you the hardest, that is when your breakthrough is near. Press on. Do not stop to think about the work you have to do. Just put yourself on auto-pilot.

Hold yourself to a higher standard daily. Your family, friends all look to you for their cues. Be mindful to lift the vibration in every room you enter. Treat yourself to a higher belief system. Trust and let go. Greatness is in your DNA.

Each day you have a new chance to develop new ideas, reach for new goals and conquer new mountains. Chase down your dream like it is the last bus of the night. Go get it! You have something special. You have Greatness within you!!

your successway

We are in this life to learn from every experience and then use the teachings to make the choices and take the actions that are in alignment with what we truly want for our lives.
We didn't come here knowing everything, so when we learn and know better we ultimately have the power to do better, which will lead to our growth, success, and happiness.

Every chapter is a learning experience loves. Remember these words from the great Maya Angelou: “When we know better we do better.” ️

(Psychology says, as adults, we try to develop the character traits that would have rescued our parents.-Alain de Botton)

You are not what happened to you. You are not a victim even though you have been victimized. Don't claim that title for yourself. Use your past to learn all that you need to make choices and take actions that support the successful, happy, and meaningful life you desire.

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