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22 Things You Didn't Know About Overthinking

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Overthinking


It is difficult to get past overthinking because if you overthink you are typically someone who wants to avoid conflicts so you are trying to think of every perspective. Sometimes, overthinking is the only way that we feel we can remain in control and if we were abused as children this is often a coping mechanism

  1. The job of the mind is to think. It just randomly thinks what it wants, until we give it -some instruction and direction.💭

  2. Life is too short to follow the chaotic nature of the mind, so learn to sit with yourself in quiet for a few minutes everyday.🧘

  3. In this sitting you will become aware of which thoughts serve you, and which ones do not.🤔

  4. Once you know the difference, when you begin to feel stress, stop, take a few breaths, become aware of the anxious thoughts, and gently come back to the now.

  5. You are the boss of what thoughts you feed. Just because a thought pops into your mind doesn’t mean it serves you, or it is true.✨

  6. (Problems are never too big, we just overthink it.-unknown)

  7. Overthinking is the art of creating problems that aren’t there. Most things have a way of working themselves out. Remember that worrying doesn’t change the outcome, it just steals your inner peace. 

  8. The majority of things we worry about never end up happening. We always have the power to choose the inner confidence and strength, over the external chaos and unpredictability that we have no control over.

  9. (Today I read something that said "someone who overthinks is also someone who overloves" and I felt that.-unknown)

  10. Over 90% of mental diseases are either caused or complicated by the stressful act of overthinking.

  11. Do you often overthink and worry because you feel things are not happening your way?

  12. Overthinking and worrying actually blocks our logical thinking.Instead of focusing our mind on  finding a way out, we find ourselves in even a bigger mental chaos. We start to think negative and imagine the worse. Most of the times, the end result is not the same as we think it might be.

  13. There is no doubt that when things go out of control, it creates doubts and anxiety. If you cannot control the situation, you can at least try to manage the outcome by keeping calm. Whatever needs to happen will happen anyway. Stressing out will only affect your well being and diminish your thinking capabilities.

  14. Be concerned so you can be prepared and try to overcome any situation but don't be over worried, at times you have to let things happen their way.

  15. Don’t create problems that aren’t really there by overthinking things… because that will take away from the real reason you’re here right now… to serve.

  16. All overthinking does is add unnecessary weight to your back.. so start living in the present, accept what happened in the past, and focus on the things in 

  17. Never apologize for being true to yourself. Never feel sorry for loving yourself. At the end of the day, what you will have is yourself. Your happiness should be your priority too. 

  18. Quit overthinking about what people may think of you, they are just purely nonsense noise. You don’t have to explain yourself to people who will never understand you. 

  19. Sometimes the only way to be truly happy is to just let go and see what comes next. Stop overthinking and just put your faith in God's hands 🙏🏾❤️

  20. Overthinking can increase your chances of mental illness, disturb your sleep, and interfere with problem-solving.

  21. Overthinking can lead to severe emotional anxiety and increase your risk of developing mental health problems. #Facts

  22. Try not to overthink. Overthinking makes you second guess your intuition; thus keeping you from taking chances you'll likely succeed in.

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