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successway is a way to success

rich dad poor dad pdf

>> Dad can you tell me how to get rich
>> Lesson no.1 Rich don’t work for money
>> Lesson no.2 Why teach financial literacy
>> Lesson no.3 Mind your own business
>> Lesson no.4 The history of taxes and the power of corporations
>>Lesson no.5 The rich invent money
>>Lesson no. 6 Work to learn don’t work for money
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Step to awakening my financial genius
>>Step no.1 I need a reason greater than reality
>>Step no.2 I choose daily
>>Step no.3 Choose friend carefully
>>Step no.4 Master a formal and then learn a new one
>>Step no.5 Pay yourself first
>>Step no.6 Pay your broker first
>>Step no.7 Be an Indian giver
>>Step no.8 Assets buy luxuries


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